#First public portfolio build -100% off

Aug 13, 2018 | Portfolio, Web Design

Portfolio giveaway

I will be sharing experience/features and well what this site is all about ( aka portfolio one )

Image of the website can be found here: Click to open full site view ( image is 3MB and will open in new window ) 

Download link for zip here
View website: here


Portfolio website was built and designed with multiple elements that get outdated fairly quickly. After adding one or another element website would crash or de-sync, therefore, causing the UI to be terrible and out of hand.
The biggest issue I had with the website was making it compatible with mobile design, as part of the design is using Z-Indexing same parts of the website are not visible same parts of the website are visible too good. It took quite same to build up this website from scratch and i had no idea what is domain and responsiveness regarding external domain host. But the lesson that I have learned gave me a big understanding of Domains sustainability responsiveness and how to prepare for new adventures of web development and design.

I will be taking additional web dev courses to enhance my knowledge in the field that I think I can do better and better. Hope to share more of information with you soon!


Alright let’s see what this website consist of

Sitemap :

  1. Welcome
  2. Information
  3. Projects
  4. Contacts(footer)

1. Header :

Header contains blinking welcome word allows users think what the hell that button is doing there, and click the button afterward.
Button welcome is using the glitch effect that consists of html5, css3, and javascript to make text animated.
Also using bootstrap webpage is responsive.


This section contains w3 schools css3 style allowing to view the more beautiful display of percentage bar.
Also with the option to expand website information and see more of information. (animated process )


I do think that inserting the carousel into bootstrap engine allows the webpage to look more stylish,
most of web pages are using carousel most pages are using multiple carousels or mainly at the top, for my portfolio I’ve chosen to use it at page 3.


To be honest i was looking for the perfect footer, I was trying to copy the view, but at the end, I have downloaded template of the footer that looks just great, and later on, I have discovered as it was a free stock multiple websites are using that free stock footer lol.
So that’s nothing bad to admit.

print(‘the end’);

Where are you thoughts? do you have any ? are you a bot reader? is there any reader ? who killed spaghetti monster first?