GDPR is destroying UX / UI

Sep 4, 2018 | Future, Technology

As per the current release of GDPR
General Data Protection Regulation )
in EU


Implementation date: 25 May 2018
Date made: 14 April 2016 

We can see regulations changing the internet we are using today. as per web pages that you are surfing every day, you can see that notifications are taking over, and before you are heading to see content you are freely exposed to content of GDPR policy update, that revolves around you being informed about cookies that are collected.

FYI GDPR regulation as per EU : ( ##Link )

Have you noticed any legit experience of change of single user? To be honest all I see is that this was harassment for big corporations such as Facebook. But if you had a chance would you say this is a little bit too much? We have to read the policy of EVERY WEBSITE we are entering… off course, if you are not doing that you are exposed to an advertisement of the company that is making money off marketing.

Live example: Every morning I’m waking up, a thing that I do before I start everything is not Listen to the Pop track, curse or complain about things I can’t change… Nope thing that i do is lookup weather so I could prepare for unexpected. Perhaps Riders of the apocalypse is going to rain from the sky who knows …


Here are some examples of how websites are changing due to GDPR 

There was even a South Park episode regards to reading terms and conditions where Kyle was linked with human centipede (s15e01 HUMANCENTiPAD )

Now hear me out the idea of collecting taxes for EU is the great idea and the price to pay is massive – I do approve this idea.

HOWEVER if you want to surf the internet you are constantly entering brick walls saying hey! accept this policy, or hey turn off your AD block.

We had this thing going waaaay back with popups saying and convincing that we have won the lottery or we are the lucky website visitor, are we in an endless loop?

This is not user-friendly, perhaps there should be some sort of software automatically rejecting cookies or accepting if there would be no alternative so you could surf websites. Because as per GDPR update in WWW you no longer manage beauty website if you want to collect data of your visitors.

As a web dev/designer I feel this is totally out of hand…
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