Lovely Autumn!

Sep 5, 2018 | Future

What a wonderful feeling when you go outside and enjoy colors and nature in September, oh pure joy!

Where in reality, we are facing increased traffic due to the mass of people joining road wars to kill joy and spread traffic excitement.
Flu season preparation – where doctors and pharmacy drug dealers will make living selling anti-flu shots.
However biggest concern of all
September is a month when school starts – that’s a good indicator to yourself. What have I achieved since “A New Year’s Resolution“? Have I done all? Have I done nothing?  Let’s be real – goals are good to have and plans feels great to accomplish.


Perhaps you promised yourself to

  • change your habit of eating after 6 pm
  • craft something / create startup
  • rob a store or buy iqos electronic cigarette to keep up with fashion trends
  • or just spend more time with your loved ones. ( Perhaps you work too much )

Have you done all you have promised yourself to do? I personally haven’t I’m still struggling with the planning stuff.
I am so lost in thoughts and decision making for: becoming CEO of same branch or opening up a business, learning a new language, getting to know another world cultures … etc. Options are endless.


And the idea to just chill after work and delay decision making to next day when I feel better seems so real and welcoming that I can’t even do any sort of magic turnarounds in my head ( lol ). However, I felt comfort in seeing motivational videos ” That supposed to make you feel better when you are not making nothing at all”. But that is leading nowhere

But the thing that I have learned and I’d like to share with you all with IRL(in real life) example-

In job interview’s recruiters usually asking the question at the end of a conversation
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

If you reverse this question, you don’t have to answer it at all. Just think 5 years ago about decisions that led you to today reading this blog and having your current place, life partner, a perfect job that you like. If you had option would you do anything different? Again we can judge ourselves and pretend that it will pass and everything will be alright as we will forget emotion and lose the memory.

But humans are smart creatures we tend to remember childhood traumas and really important stuff, it goes back like a boomerang and most of the cases hitting your head pretty hard.
Current situation of delaying your tasks are framed in the picture below: Yes the image is static – because you need to grab it!


Move your butt cheeks and do something useful!

If you had no plans during new year to accomplish during this year!
Then its time to make some then!

You are the change that you need!