WordPress – Why it’s so good

Sep 25, 2018 | Web Design

-Why should I know about WordPress?The tool called WordPress is your way of informing or presenting yourself to WWW. Sell your product, represent your ideas, and share you with the world! You can compare saving MS Word file on a desktop to writing a post in WordPress website. It’s that easy!
WordPress is a helpful tool for you to become what you want to be or share other’s what they must see. It allows you to add and edit content to your website regardless of design.

Aha! So there’s a catch, tool and design is pay based, right? (you might think)
Well not at all. WordPress is free. For design, the tool is using so-called Templates. There are thousands of Templates to try out, with variations of customization. Also, there is a way to pay for a complete template and buy it online. That is not expensive at all from 50$ to 150$ ~.

-Wait, if the tool is free what is the point of contacting web developer?
Well, the main reason is time.
Consulting with professional and speaking about your end result that you would like to have or expecting from a website.

Web Developer can help you in tech and design related to website and what is in it.
As an example: You want a Corner-based image? Animated text? A custom template with the unique look? You want something that you can’t even describe, but you can show an example that you saw on another site? Do you want to speak to the person that can turn your idea or think into a real thing? That’s possible. You can have your unique look different from others out there without needing to know a single line of programming code.

Web Developer is the person to turn your idea to reality