What is SEO, and why i need it?

Sep 26, 2018 | Future

Ranking up in search,

Search Engine Optimization. This three letter combination word translates into multiple results, but the one that we are looking for is customers.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. The system allows you to understand your market, prepare your product and ship it away to the right person that is looking for it at first place.

There’s the video explaining more about SEO in detail and quickly as in 3 minutes.

– This is FREE right?

If you are planning to devote your time to collect data, comparing competitors SEO to yours, becoming Top 1 search in Google, Bing or Yahoo Search engines, you can be sure it is *free.
*Time is priceless.

However, being realistic and open I can say right away, if you are planning on investing from little to nothing to SEO, your results will not be seen. Your competitors are in the zone, and already playing this game of timely investment. SEO is taking care of how you will be indexed. For example:

a) You can be expecting your popularity to grow on your own – with passive SEO.
b) Now is the time to invest into people and show off what you got.

SEO zaloman


There is no reason not to use the possibility to be reachable faster by the people that we want to be connected with. Visitors to the Search engine are customers of your website. Craft your success. That’s not rocket science. I can help you with basics so you could start successfully with WordPress and SEO!

Web Developer Zaloman.

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