Website vs Facebook page or Instagram

Oct 24, 2018 | Future, Technology

Hey y’all !

If your main focus is to maintain current business without increasing your revenue & reaching more people, there is no use reading this peace, exit the page. But as most business owners or entrepreneurs are bonded by one and only goal “to grow”, so websites are the fruit of your growth. People market their products over social media all the time. Why can’t you? Sure you can!

The best way to market yourself – create a Facebook or Instagram post about product. Revenue will just fly to you.Where in reality things that are done fast and easy brings no value 😒😪😪

Don’t get me wrong, having a Facebook or Instagram page is not a bad thing, I’d say opposite, people can get in touch a lot easier with you. But your business face can’t be stuck in Facebook or Instagram pages, that just doesn’t look professional. A Facebook page can be created by anyone without purpose towards a product or service, people might just create a Facebook page for meme creation and that page will be your competitor as you are in the same design category.

Why I think you need a website:

  • All of your competitors have websites.
  • It provides social proof.
  • Customers expect to Google your business name and find you there.
  • You control the narrative.
  • You can showcase your products and services.

Imagine websites, that are listed below, being shrunk to Facebook as a main platform. That would be ridiculous and would not work or even look remotely attractive. – Clothing – Cars for sale – Trip planning

Just imagine putting this content and capability of expressing yourself into a small window and calling it your representation.

Zaloman Facebook Facebook vs Website


Facebook and other social networks are here to represent and make your website and business more popular but that does not mean that you should transfer 100% over to a website where you cannot control your content when and where it will be displayed over time. When in websites you are truly representative.👌