WordPress 5.0 – “Bebo” – not so great

Dec 7, 2018 | Future

A new tool which is built to create content is getting highly revamped and updated from “Classic” to “Gutenberg “.

5.0 WordPress, Bebo - December 6, 2018
New block based editor "Gutenberg" with default theme "Twenty Nineteen".

WordPress 5.0 also included video, background music plays jazz… check it out:

Using this update is like using voodoo magic in order to make blogging cool again. The thing is – it is 2018 and people rarely blog or go viral with their blog posts.
WordPress is a representative in the world presenting the way people are sharing news over the internet and the main competitors for this giant is:

  • Facebook (Pages, Groups, Feed, Story)
  • Instagram (Pages, Feed, Story)
  • Twitter which is giant in the industry of the news feed
  • WordPress –  Gutenberg

WordPress is bringing old technology from the past to today

Instead of giving opportunity for people to adjust the templates it has decided to give a way to amend the way pages/posts are presented. The thing is, this was never the problem or issue at the first place. WordPress has the plugin engine based platforms to install drag&drop site builders like: Elementor, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin etc. WP decided to create its own engine and announce it as it would be groundbreaking and something unique!

Ok,ok, enough flaming.
Let the guys do their job and give features we necessarily need without paying additional buck for WordPress engine, right? Well, not…

Gutenberg  Advanced

There is a plugin called Gutenberg Advanced that gives additional features to WordPress Plugin, which was developed for years by the platform creators.
New Gutenberg, which was developed for years, just in 1 day after release gets a plugin created by a company which saw the mistake. Gutenberg Advanced got more features inbuilt that looks better than an original WordPress feature. Nevertheless, there are other plugins that serve the same purpose, and do even greater job. Is this a joke? I think not. You don’t need to seek far to find those plugins which have beautiful interface and serve a good purpose to help you out, however, they cost from 20$ – 150$.

And who else is more trusted and more controversial than WordPress, which is offering a demo version of a drug, that turns you in a plugin addict looking for more plugins at any cost, than beloved Gutenberg?


WordPress just released an open demo version called Gutenberg, which will increase sales for WordPress and other site builder plugins.
Wonderful marketing, while trying to catch up with WIX.com



Therefore WordPress 5.0 not so good.  👎