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Jan 9, 2019 | Motivational, People

Congratulations you have survived holidays! New Year passed, and have you or have you not made your yearly goal yet?
Do you often question yourself or doubt whats next, what are your plans for your future……

it's time to stop
Sharing real world experience !

Sharing real-world experience

During 2018 summer i met up with a friend

Latest trends and memes in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube was our topic of discussion.

Name Gary Vaynerchuk was placed on our conversation table as a topic of discussion. Gary himself in the middle of summer was blooming in YouTube with constant ADS bought by him. The guy was everywhere – every gaming, cooking, learning video… You click, Gary would show up, annoying as As Fuck. However, I had Misjudgment when the guy was pushing his content by force everywhere.

Gary Vaynerchuk photo

Until Gary Vaynerchuk

did his job and finally got into my head, that led to:

  • Success
  • Reached Goals
  • Enhanced learning techniques
  • Much happier lifestyle
Gary Vaynerchuk header

Year 2018 was not a waste. Results speak for themselves:

  • Entrepreneur knowledge base/ documentary created.
  • Programming languages learned – 5.
  • Blog Created.
  • Several Marketing campaigns done.
  • Product Owner Certificate received.

I wish I had known guy earlier… life changing inspiration speeches, multiple videos – gonna share with you one of them:

Thanks Gary & Thanks to @procesorius
Start building your success 😋


peace im out
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*that’s way longer then 150 words, heuhehehe

“I don’t shower because I no longer have the need to do it due to my new yoga that I’m doing daily” – @processorius